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Plate Mates

Connect and make new friends with Plate Mates, an edible icebreaker designed to bring people to together, because food tastes better when you share.



This project was developed as part of the Modual : Maker workshop and exhibited at the Design Museum, London.

Edible Icebreakers | Genre

Laser Cutter | Tools

Plywood, Hungry People | Materials

Plate Mates is an edible icebreaker the uses food, puzzles, and social interactions to bring people closer together. At the being of an event, players are given a sealed puzzle box with a unique shape and design. They proceed to search around the room for players with complementary puzzle pieces.


This project was a collaboration between myself and Honey Mounce and Sophia Luu. My roles for this project were:

  • Product Designer: Prototyping​ designs and iterating on the design using cardboard before mocking up 3D models in Tinkercad, before exporting the obj files to the laser cutter

  • Logo Designer: brainstorming and creating logo designs for ou main product and spin-off variations: Plate Dates, Plate Lates, and Plate Locate.

The Process


  • Using the Double Diamond framework and lean development techniques, we rapidly brainstormed and iterated upon solutions to social concerns raised by the group.

  • Then dividing into teams based on the social issue we wished to design for, we built and tested initial prototypes of our solution.



  • 3D Workshop: As a self-contained environment, balancing explicit instructions with players' freedom to explore and figure out the puzzles at their own pace.​

  • Launch Night: Visually communicating key world information and environmental changes to guide players without overwhelming them.