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Unannouced Project

Silver Rain Games


As a designer and junior programmer, my role was to collaborate with other designers to research and present different design features and iterate prototypes showcasing game mechanics.


Game Design

• Contributed to enemy design and features.
• Designed and implemented tutorial levels.
• Designed quests that adhered to the world’s lore and encouraged player exploration of the environment.
• Designed progression systems that fit into the game’s current economy and narrative.
• Prototyped and iterated on gameplay mechanics in C#, Unity.


  • Contributed to the design of enemies and their movesets.

  • Gathered and documented feature requirements for enemy designs and mechanics.

  • Implemented AI mechanics and behaviours trees in Unreal.

  • Built custom blueprints in C++ to meet the needs of the project.

  • Used Jira to track and resolve gameplay bugs.

Date | 2020 - 2021
Organisation | Silver Rain Games
Role | Designer & Junior Programmer

Plate Mates

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