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Travelling on the tube isn’t easy, it’s even harder when your broke, lost, or just really need to pee. Try your luck and see if you can outwit the chaos and make it to your destination on time.​



Navigate the underground and hop lines as you try to reach your destination before you run out of time or money.

Single-player Card Gane | Genre

Adobe Illustrator | Software

Cards, Tokens | Materials

Design Constraints:

  • Single-player

  • Can be set-up in 2 minutes

  • Presents the player with meaningful choices


Players: One player


Average Playtime: 2-6 minutes


The game consists of three lines: Rose, Green, and Gold.

  • The Rose Line is currently under construction so is it can be prone to delays. However, sometimes it can cheaper and faster if you’re willing to try your luck.

  • The Green Line is the most reliable out of three and will most definitely get you to your destination, along with everybody else. This line is slowest of the three.

  • The Gold Line is the quickest of the bunch, recently privatised, it boasts having a maximum of only two stops per card! Sadly, it’s going to cost you, but it won’t be a problem if you’ve got money to spare.

Setup & Rules

The aim of the game is to reach the finish line, within the required distance using the resources you have available.


Component List:

  • Scenario cards (x4)

  • Tube Line cards (x18 cards, including one start card and one finish card)

  • Oyster Card tokens (x21)

  • Cash tokens

  • Player avatar (x1)


How To Play:

  1. The player removes the start and finish cards from the deck of Tube Line cards and places them faced up, adjacently on a table, shoulder length apart. The start card to the left and the finish card to the right.

  2. The tube line deck is then shuffled and placed face down off to the side.

  3. A scenario card is then chosen, either randomly or purposefully selected.This card will determine the goals and restrictions of the match, including how many oyster card tokens and cash tokens are to be given out at the start of the round.

Dead ends and moving backwards:

Should the player reach a dead-end or wish to change their course, they are able to do so, but it will cost them -1 oyster card token for every stop they go pass.


This icons gives the player an extra cash token for landing on it, but only once.

This icon gives the player an extra oyster card token for landing on it, but only once.


Winning the game:

The player wins the game if they have enough Oyster card tokens to reach the finish line within the set distance for the round.

Losing the game:

The player loses if they run out of Oyster card tokens used to move, or if a move requires them to pay money but they do not have enough.

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