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Genre | 2D Tapping Game

Software Adobe Animate

Platform(s) | Mac & PC

Star Catcher

Game Designer  |  Artist  |  Programmer

A match-3-chain game about defeating monsters by combining numbers and operand to create powerful enough attacks.

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This project was made as part of our courses uni Prototype Development 1

12 Second challenges. You are to design two games which present challenges to be completed in under 12 seconds. One will present a physical challenge. This game will be based around player’s input. The player must learn variable levels of input to achieve the goal by using physical dexterity, reflex or eye hand coordination.

Design requirements:

These will be 2D, built in Flash and deliverable via a web browser. The game must require enough learning that winning on the first attempt will be very unlikely. Ideally the player should achieve the victory condition on their second or third play.

Dimensions 400 * 550 pixel playing area.
The game structure will include:

  • A clear goal which is challenging to achieve that will act as the victory / immediate termination condition.

  • A visual timer which is counting down for approximately 12 seconds. Time is up is the only defeat condition and will also terminate the game.

  • A text box containing one word which along with the visual elements contextualises the goal and the challenge.

The program structure will include:

  • An introduction screen counting down for approximately 3 seconds stating the game is about to start.

  • A game screen lasting 12 seconds or until the victory condition is met.

  • Termination time. When the game terminates due to a victory or defeat condition it will cease to interact with the player but remain visible for approximately 3 seconds. After this time an Exit Screen will appear.

  • An exit screen which will congratulate or commiserate the player for achieving the goal or failing to achieve the goal respectively. The exit screen will include an option to replay.

Player Input:


  • Arrow Keys (mapped to the ASDW keys) and Space Bar


  • Mouse and Left Mouse Button


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Jumping:  Are both handled by the same button. The direction of the players firing is determined by where they click on the screen, however, the player will always jump regardless of where they are aiming, forcing them to decide between whether to dodge or destroy incoming obstacles.

Stars: There are only two ways for the player to recharge their fuel. Press nothing, and let the fuel bar slowly fill up or hit the ground running and recharge instantly.


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