Orbit Farmer

Genre | Office Simulator, Strategy, Rpg

Software | Unity, Adobe Illustrator, Fungus

Platform(s) |  PC & Mac

Set in the 1960's Mad Men era, seek revenge on your sexist co-worker as you balance your workload with sneaking around the office .


Graduation project - BA Games Design, London College of Communication, 2019

Key Features:

  • Steal, make, and buy what you need to win using the inventory and crafting systems.

  • One goal, multiple pathways to success.

  • Solve environmental puzzles that work differently depending on the time of day.

  • Make and break relationships based on decisions taken during the day.

*Pauline's roles included: Narrative Design, Co-Game Design, Additional Programming (Narrative and NPC Systems)  Check out her portfolio


In Project Madison we set out to create a light-hearted revenge simulator, where mechanics and player choice influenced the progression of the narrative.

Design Goals:

  • Create an interactive environment that encourages players to explore.

  • Build structures that facilitate multiple play styles, with decisions made in one area influencing the options available in another.

Design Challenges:​

As a designer on the project, key challenges for me included:

  • Directing player's through level design : As a self-contained environment, balancing explicit instructions with players' freedom to explore and figure out the puzzles at their own pace.

  • Positioning interactable objects: Allowing players to access relevant tools for progression whilst at the same time alluding to ways of gaining newer items. Balancing the distribution of items throughout the world.

  • Communicating mechanics through UI design: Visually communicating key world information and environmental changes to guide players without overwhelming them.

London, UK

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